Sailor’s House: Wallpaper Magazine

Our Sailor’s House project in Hampshire is featured in Wallpaper magazine about how we created an environmentally sensitive home and a “contemporary domestic haven.”

Our clients were driven in their desire for sustainable and low-impact living. Working closely with them and the consultant team, this project is one of our most sustainable projects to date, with a high-performing building fabric design, renewable energy technologies and building management systems, water collection and re-use strategies, alongside green design strategies such as solar shading and external blinds.

“The structure itself, which occupies a Z-shaped floorplan, is composed of two single-storey volumes and a central, two-storey one, and was crafted to ensure views of the precious historical and natural surroundings are not obstructed in any way. At the same time, stepping inside, the interior spaces offer a serene, contemporary domestic haven.“

The result is a beautifully crafted, unassuming, environmentally responsible building that blends into its setting, whilst providing flexible space for family and friends to socialise, work and accommodate a full sailing team when needed.

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