The Mill House
Guildford, Surrey
Remodelled family home on site of historic 18th century watermill

Within a six-acre plot and sitting adjacent to a Grade II listed watermill dating back to the 1700s, this family home has been extended and remodelled to realise the potential of the beautiful garden and to create an elegant, contemporary new living space for its owners.


The footprint of the extension lies on the original foundations of the site’s former 18th century structures and reinstates the historic courtyard.

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The new heart of the home is a light-filled, sociable kitchen and dining space with glazing that can be fully opened out onto the garden. In all aspects, the extension is designed to be as low-maintenance and energy-efficient as possible, requiring very little heating or cooling input. This approach extends to the choice of fabric of the building; the exterior surfaces of bronze standing seam meal for the roof, brick for the walls, and highly insulated double-glazed windows require little maintenance or treatment. The predominately east facing extension allows for passive solar gains in the winter, with the sun warming the space in the morning. Conversely, the orientation of the building and the position of the brick chimney provides shading on warm summer afternoons.

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