Boat Builders Lodge
Winchester City Centre
A contemporary lodge inspired by and crafted by local boat builders

Boat Builders Lodge is a contemporary addition to an existing house in Winchester.


Inspired by the lightweight materials and elegant forms of modern sail boats, the lodge builds upon an existing garage structure to create a distinctive, independent annex and main entrance to the house.


The existing structure at ground floor is retained and the loft space above is replaced with a lightweight timber-frame ‘box’ that cantilevers out to form a generous master bedroom, dressing room and ensuite bathroom.




The structure of the new master suite was discussed at length with the engineer to ensure that the garage walls and substructure below could be retained in order to lower the carbon footprint of the project.


A projecting fibreglass profile, crafted at a local boat builder’s, wraps around the face of the new master bedroom suite and continues on to create a new covered porch and entrance area.


The porch leads through to a new double-height entrance hall connecting the lodge with the rest of the house.




The facades are clad in Accoya, a highly durable wood which is used in the construction of boat decks and hulls. Large sections of glazing set in between the Accoya draw in as much light as possible to the internal spaces.


Due to the proximity of the neighbouring properties, projecting Accoya fins line the facades at first floor to mitigate against the oblique views into the master bedroom.