Sculptural, light-filled design overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Providing a rural escape for a predominantly London-based family, Atlantic House in Croyde, Devon, is designed to be a tranquil sanctuary that responds to the rugged and ever-changing beauty of the coastline.


The house offers a constant connection to the water through a form that frames the ocean views at every opportunity.

Thornberry – 01
Thornberry – 03

The discrete, low-lying design allows the house to nestle seamlessly in its grassy pastural setting; the series of projecting concrete roof planes planted with shrubbery mimicking the site’s rolling hills. A wide internal gallery projects out towards the sea and connects the individual living areas.


Spaces set between and behind the central gallery provide shielded areas where the family can eat, drink, relax and practice their love of yoga and meditation in calm outdoor spaces, using the walls of the building to buffer the dramatic sea winds.

Thornberry – 02