Down to the details – how we achieved a perfectly balanced façade using brickwork

Brick has an ability to exhibit so many characteristics across a range of options, textures, colours and sizes; yet, when used together correctly, a building can appear as a single material and object – perfectly balanced – which is the case with our contemporary development on St Peter’s Road.

We specified three main materials for this project, all brick. Almost identical in texture, the bricks we used have a subtle red and yellow variation, just enough to help set the gabled sections of the building apart.

Choosing robust, quality materials like this ensures that the building has a long life ahead, whilst bringing value to the streetscape and providing comfortable, modern homes for its occupants.

Our St Peter’s project was shortlisted for the Small Development Project award at the Brick Development Association (BDA) Brick Awards, alongside some other great projects and architects. Although it hasn’t won, we are very pleased to see our design being nominated for its clever use of brickwork.

Bricks: Wienerberger UK
Structures: Marbas_Structural Engineers
Interiors: Ademchic